About the Artist

2016-beverlee-busch-lighthouse-paintingFirst and foremost, Beverlee Kay is a Christian artist. She completes the daily bible study and blog with David Mainse and saints of 100words.ca.

Beverlee grew up as a creative intuitive child who loved to explore with colour. In high school, she found her first love of photography in Mr. Thomson’s art class at Glendale SS,  in Hamilton, ON. In 1983, she completed a Certificate in Fine Arts at Dundas Valley School of Art, where she studied art history, pottery, figure drawing, acrylics, watercolour, oils and portraits.

In 2002, she graduated with an Honours Diploma in Social Service Work from Mohawk College in Hamilton, ON; and in 2005, with an Honours BA in Religion and Culture and General BA in Fine Arts from Sir Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, ON; specializing in printmaking under her favourite art teacher, Marg Peter.

In 2007, Beverlee graduated from Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, with an MTS (Master of Theological Studies), specializing in restorative justice. At Queen’s, she met instructor Joanne Franke and learned the Bob Ross style of oil painting. In 2014, Beverlee enjoyed freestyle intuitive painting with Anna Krak-Kepka at St. Lawrence College

Beverlee currently works with acrylics, oils and pastels. She loves painting angels and the beauty of nature—birds, landscapes, water scenes, skies and sunsets.

This artist takes orders for paintings from personal photographs upon request, but will not be taking new orders until the fall of 2017. She hopes you enjoy her website.